Eco Gadgets: Shower Brake puts a brake on shower time to conserve water

shower brake 1

Eco Factor: Water saving shower reduces shower time.

There is nothing better than a warm shower on a cold evening after a hectic day at the office. However, relaxing and craving for those few minutes of extra shower time costs us a fortune in terms of water use, a resource that should rather be preserved. The Shower Brake by industrial designers Sang-in Lee and Dae Hyun Kim helps us preserve water by limiting the shower time.

shower brake 2

The system features a set of controls that allow the user to allocate a quota in terms of shower time and use only that much. Once the quota is finished, the shower displays visual stats that let the user know the amount of water used over the number of minutes. The system also allows the user to control the temperature and the pressure at which water should be released.

shower brake 3

Via: YankoDesign

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