Eco Gadgets: Removable kitchen sink by Hughie

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Eco Factor:
Eco-friendly removable sink helps conserve water.

Amidst a devil-may-care attitude toward water conservation, it’s really inspiring to have people like Hughie, who understand how grave a problem it is. This amazing, removable sink stores waste water and makes it usable for other purposes. It’s always better to use it rather let it go into sewers. Water, thus saved, could be utilized in gardening, washing cars and flooring. Anyway, this unimposing kitchen object is available for just $25 in a variety of colors.

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The Dark Side:
No doubt, it’s a brilliant idea to have this one fitted into your kitchen, still it may produce a stinking foul smell if not used prudently. Being mobile never guarantees thorough cleanliness; it would create eco consciousness for sure.

Via: TheDesignBlog

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