Eco Gadgets: Honda goes green with solar-powered hybrid billboards

honda FqabI 11446

Eco Factor: Massive billboards powered by solar-power-enabled electric backup.

Honda, while ensuring production of low-emission and fuel efficient vehicles, takes a step closer to green advertising. Their latest billboards show Honda’s concern toward the environment. Making them solar-powered positively renders it a reputation of being an unparalleled marketing strategy. Clearly, it’s a lead that may see its followers aping it in the near future. Well, Accord Euro is all set to register its presence in the Australian arena, thanks to solar panels that power these giant commercial billboards.

The Dark Side: Undoubtedly, these solar billboards would go on to herald an era of eco-friendly promotional tactics, still one needs to wait and see the acceptance of these ad campaigns.

Via: Gizmag

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