Eco-Friendly Sex Shop Event Held at University of Maryland

Jeffery Meyer of found out that during the week of October 15,  the University of Maryland hosted  a “Sex Week” to make the kids hip by educating them regarding sex. There were a communication and exploration within the campus of the suburban College Park.


Highlights of the product

The event highlighted a local D.C. sex shop called “The Garden” who promoted Eco friendly sex products with the commitment of safety to the body. The mission of the Garden was to show the sex toy products that are sex positive. It created a shame free environment so that the viewers could gain knowledge about the sex toys to increase and boost their sexual pleasure.

The UMD University Health Center website the weeklong event hosted 20 different activities like to find out the best words for sexual communication within the four walls of the bedroom, and also the various bedside birth control ways..

A panel discussion was organized where 18 year old boys and girls was taught about how to identify the quality and safety of certain sex toys and how to use the lubricants, condoms or the various accessories. The panel advocated for gender inclusiveness, sexy safer sex and queer positive spaces for the couples. The students were guided about the right type of sex toy vibration in their body. These types of discussion which are not discussed in open forum were highlighted here.


The tabooed topics

The University of Maryland also invited the famous sex therapist Tamara Pincus to discuss about “Real Sex”. The students were made free and comfortable to ask about oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, types of lube, BDSM, non monogamy, how the porn relates sex in real life, how to manage sexual issues in long term monogamous relationships, alcohol and drugs and their effect on sex, and how to worship and love your body even during a sexual act.

These types of sexual panel discussions within an educational institutions are really very encouraging. The students are able to freely express their needs. Many teachers do not feel competent to deal with questions on human sexuality, they avoid such topics. So this “sex meets” was really a path breaker! The forum also highlighted the physical and the emotional development during a sexual pleasure.


The event helped the kids to break the taboo and took a professional and encouraging approach to this venture. But above all things one must remember that though it is very healthy to have sex discussion within the college, it should also be rembered that one must have control on the kids. Maturity with wisdom must be kept in mind.

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