Eco-friendly Concept Bikes Powered by Solar Energy

Daily commute is a problem in many parts of the world. To provide a viable commuting solution on cramped urban roads, now many manufacturers are coming up with electric bikes that run on eco-friendly energy generated using solar panels. In the following sections, let us look at some concept bikes that make good use of solar energy to provide us eco-friendly means of commute.

Wind-Solar Bike

Wind-Solar Bike:

Essentially an electronic bicycle, it features a compact design and has been developed in such a way that it can utilize different natural power resources and convert them into electricity when the user rides the bike. The bike converts solar, wind, gravity and human energy into electric power and stores it in bike’s rechargeable battery.

Eco Bike

Eco Bike:

This bike makes use of thin film solar panels and has a solar energy generator within. The hybrid bicycle has around thirty-six solar panels, which the rider can unfold easily anytime, anywhere, especially when there is need for electricity. These modules when in folded position are also able to generate some amount of energy that is sufficient for tail and head lights. When the bike is in the parking lot, the panels can be unfolded and rotated towards sun’s position to generate maximum possible energy. You can also remove the panels from the bike and use them at the campsite as photovoltaic shelter for producing energy.

Solar Man bike

Solar Man:

This bike presents a unique concept that helped it in securing the bronze medal during the Lotus Design Awards. The main features of this bike are that it is lightweight at 12kg, portable and foldable. The bike uses solar panels for its energy requirements and you can plug it into an electric outlet, in case required, and is ideal for day-to-day office commute.

Velosphere Electric

Velosphere Electric:

It is as durable as any mountain bike can be and get a classy finish by hiding most of the electrical system the bike uses. Batteries are placed within the rim of rear wheels, while the central metal rim connects electrical module, engine and the batteries. It is also quite easy to remove the batteries by opening the reflector section in the rim. It has tent like structure having photovoltaic cells and elliptical shape makes sure maximum energy generation whichever position the Sun be in the sky.

Ele Solar Bike

Ele Solar Bike:

It is a hybrid bike with option of using electricity from the grip and the solar panels. You can rotate the panels by as much as 30 degrees to turn them towards the Sun as and when needed.


Sustainability has become a trend nowadays and these electric bikes that run on solar energy are option worth looking at for everyone.

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