Eco-friendly barbeque ideas

Green your grill party with eco-friendly ideas for barbeque



With party season round the corner, you all must be planning to throw a barbeque party. So, have you considered ‘getting your grill green’? If not then please give some time to understand the real issue with grilling and how it is harming our environment to a large extent. Yes, we usually think that our grill is only emitting the smoky smell and the barbeque flavor, but it is actually emitting the harmful carbon di oxide and even consuming loads of power in the form of lighter fluid, charcoal, electricity and gas. Isn’t it shocking? Are you ready this season to make your barbeque party ‘greener’ to save the environment?


Let’s have a look at some of the best and the easiest techniques to enjoy the grilling while leaving the atmosphere as clean as it is.


How to select the grill power?


Traditionally the charcoal briquettes have been used to light up the grill, but do you really understand that this power resource emits a great quantity of carbon mono-oxide. The charcoal briquettes even release soot and dangerous particles that mix with the air and pollutes the environment. Moreover, the lighter fluid that we use adds up the pollution and the ozone at ground level. However, it’s an undeniable fact that without the lovely charcoal smoke, the grilled food is not appetizing and delicious. So probably the best option is to use lump charcoal rather than charcoal briquettes. An electric grill or even a grill with cleaner propane might be your best selection.


Are solar ovens safe?


Solar grills or ovens are the most eco-friendly appliances used for barbeque. Running on solar power without any gas and charcoal, these solar ovens make your grilling experience truly green.


Choose lean to make environment green


If you are grilling meats, then always select the lean meat or remove all the excess fat from the meat prior to grilling. This practice would let your avoid the dangerous carcinogens that forms with meat fat drippings over the coal. These carcinogens redeposit on the meat through the flame up and smoke coming out from the grill charcoal.


Innovative and unique power sources


Yes, the inventive sources to replace the harmful charcoal are already in the market and you only need to locate the nearest place to buy them. The charcoal made of waste obtainable from the used coconut shells is the most innovative creation of the people living for a sustainable environment. This type of fuel for grill is easily available at the eco-friendly shops and can be used for a cleaner environment even after thousands of grills smoking altogether.


Use Organic products


Like lean meats, the organic veggies also play an important role in making your barbeque party completely ‘green’. Usually, the vegetables are processed with the chemicals that do not get removed even after thorough washing thus leaving the harmful particulates to emit with the grill smoke. Using the organic produce allows you to give a clean air to your guests along with the wonderful smoky flavor in your grilled vegetables.


Additionally, you can use eco-friendly napkins, crockery and other stuff to truly throw a ‘green’ grilling party without harming the environment. May be your one day of eco-friendly grilling party save some area of forest from cutting and it may also save many people to ingest harmful gas and carcinogens. So, next time ‘go green’ to safeguard your surroundings and your loved ones. Also try to adopt some eco-friendly barbque receipes to fully enjoy the organic party.

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