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Eco-friendly alternatives to bullnose tile

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The use of bullnose tile as a surface covering for kitchen, counters and bathroom is in much demand these days. Increasing number of people go for tiles as they have limited knowledge on the kinds of alternatives to tiles. Many alternatives to bullnose tiles are available and one can choose from these alternatives. Below some of the alternatives are described which can replace bullnose tiles.

1. Metal as a replacement

A contemporary replacement for the standard tile can be metal. Metal can be a viable replacement for those who like glossy and shining look of aluminum and steel. Metal designs are a perfect fit for kitchen and countertops. Metal designs are available in textured and smooth surfaces. As there are no grout lines in the metal design, cleaning the surface gets extremely easy. Pick up a metal design, if you like the glossy look and need a distinct look for your kitchen.

2. Slab design

If you are among those who like to have a granite or marble flooring but do not wish to use the standard tile pattern, wherein the blocks are broken into small pieces, you can opt for a slab design. An entire slab of stone can be used in place of tiles. Though the slab might be costlier as compared to tiles, but it gives your home a smooth and finished touch which is very difficult to achieve with bullnose tiles. Imprinted and colored concrete slabs are also gaining increased acceptance among people and have emerged as a viable alternative to the standard tile.

3. Wood

Wood is a traditional alternative to the bullnose tile and is perhaps one of the best construction material that has been in use since long, even before the advent of the tiles. It works well with a range of surfaces and can be used throughout the house except in bathrooms. As moisture can damage the wooden surface, its use is not advised in the bathroom. The use of wood in entryway and kitchen gives the home a classic look that not even the best tile design can replicate. Wood and bamboo counters for kitchen are in much demand and have emerged as an alternative to bullnose tile.

4. Cork

Another environment-friendly replacement to the bullnose tile is cork. Cork floors are in much demand and have emerged as an alternative to the regular tile floor. The material used in the cork flooring is harvested from bark of cork tree, making it a great Eco-friendly replacement to the bullnose tile. Cork is available in a range of designs and sizes. Take your pick and give your home an esthetic look.

5. Trim tile design

In case you do not want to use the traditional bullnose tile design for your home, you can add thin border of another design along the edges of the bullnose tile or can replace the tile design completely. Rectangular tile design or square-shaped trim tile designs are in use and can be used as a replacement for the standard bullnose tile. Trim tiles are available in a range of designs and colors and one can choose a bright or a neutral tone to give his/her home a distinct look.

6. Metal tile trim design

Metal trim profiles are a value addition to the standard bullnose tile design. Metal tile trim design not only adds a distinct touch to your home but protects the edges of the outermost tile from chipping. As the metal trim has a slight angle on its edges, the metal trim design gives your home a distinct look. This unique shape also acts as a shock absorber and protects the tile from breaking frequently. The trim profile comes in brass, bronze and aluminum finish.

7. Marble threshold

Marble thresholds were in common use before the advent of the standard bullnose tile. Marble thresholds were commonly used as a transition between tiled surface and the bare wall. Marble thresholds are back in use and can be a value addition to the standard bullnose tile. Thin pieces of marble can be used along with the bullnose tile giving your home a contemporary look. While you look for marble threshold ensure that you choose a color that compliments the tile. In case you are looking for installing tiles for your kitchen and bathroom, the marble border adds a distinct touch to the home. The color of ceramic tub and sinks should be in tandem with the marble threshold.

The exquisite look for the home is a reality with varied kinds of Eco-friendly alternatives available to the traditional bullnose tile. Take your pick and add that special touch to your dream home.

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