Eco Bikes: Wave bike is green desire for your surfing blues

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Eco Factor: Concept bicycle with a surfboard carrier.

We all want people to quit driving their cars and use bikes to commute. However, the lack of speed and the exposure to the climatic conditions deters people from using their bikes on a daily basis. People can still save on fuel and emissions if they are using their bikes for their weekend trips to the beach.

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The lack of adequate space on bicycles, especially to carry your surfing gear, is another factor bikers have to deal with. Industrial designers Gegi Primanata and Rinda Setiawan have designed a new bicycle that comes with a unique surfboard carrier to allow the rider to use both his hands in riding the bike.

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The bike, dubbed the Wave, has been inspired from the shape of waves and can be made available in a wide range of colors to suit individual preferences. The designers state that the bike has been designed especially for active and sporty individuals.

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Thanks: [Gegi Primanata]

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