Eco Architecture: Byophyte mixed-use building will favor moss growth

byophyte building 1

Eco Factor: Sustainable development designed to be enveloped in moss.

Faulders Studio has proposed a mixed-use residential and commercial building for Tehran, a city with over 12 million inhabitants and possessing a unique atmosphere rich in both plant pores and pollutants.

byophyte building 2

Dubbed Byophyte Building, the development is designed to be shaded by extremely tall trees to prevent excessive heat gain. The building exterior façade will become a fertile ground for surface-grown moss. A water recycling system provides surface dampness to aid moss growth, which makes the building integrated with the unique urban conditions of the city.

byophyte building 3

The exterior will also feature glass windows, which allow natural light to filter through into the interiors, preventing the use of artificial lighting during daytime. The unique construction and the moss-covered exterior will reduce energy demand, while giving the inhabitants of Tehran a sustainable place to live and work.

byophyte building 4

Via: Faulders Studio

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