DIY Collection: Milk Crates make a magical turn furniture land!

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It is not often that one finds stuff like milk crates and egg cartons to be a part of the living room on a pretty permanent basis but many across the world are constantly looking around their own house and trying to innovate and recycle to ensure that they create new pieces of furniture and sometimes even art, which not only adds a new dimension to their own home but helps the planet too. Here is a collection of few of the DIY items that have been created not by professional designers or renowned artists but by people just like you and me.

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All the featured items in this case have been made out of milk crates and the hanging Chandelier that has been so wonderfully crafted from the crates is something that surely adds plenty of color and zing to your space. It seems very bright and bubbly and gels very well with a home that exudes enthusiasm and loads of fun.

milkcrate 3 bTzSq 7071

The furniture made out of milk crates is also nice and simple and it really does not ask you to put a great deal of effort in to it all. The crates have been probably redone a touch, painted to suit the color scheme and put together. This not only is a fun project but it saves the planet plenty of energy and trash that would otherwise most likely end up in the landfill. So what are you waiting for? If you have the time and the will then pick up and start molding and recycling!

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Via: Dwell

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