Depp’s private island to use green power

deppisland XZcZK 17340

Johnny Depp may be one of the few environment-concerned actors around. So, when he needed to light up the isolated island of his, in Bahamas, he decided to keep it as green as possible. With the help of Mike Strizki, he got himself a power generator that did not spew noxious gases into the air nor did it waste precious energy resources. His system uses solar energy and stores excess energy as hydrogen for use at night or when the sun is hiding. Though it was pretty tedious to build the power generating system, it seems like Depp didn’t have much choice. The system uses propane tanks but consumes a lot of space. Though skeptics might point out a lot of fallacies in the system, lighting up an entire private island in a sustainable manner is something to be appreciated.

Via: EcoGeek

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