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DIY- A double barreled composter in your backyard will nourish your greens

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The green side of blogoshpere is buzzing with posts about activities happening to commemorate the Earth Day. But if you wanna thank Earth in your own manner with out getting engaged in any social activities happening then here’s a brilliant compos(t)ing suggestion. Erect a two level double barreled composter in your backyard to feed the healthiest diet to your greens. Watch out for a step by step guide by this fellow on instructable and get embroiled in this green project over the weekend (not too far). You will need a few power tools and a big heap of kitchen scraps, leaves and lawn clippings other organic matter to get going. The compost is allowed to decompose naturally and it becomes a healthy, nutrient-rich and beneficial soil for the garden. Be careful when selecting poles, since they will need to be strong to support the weight of the barrels (made from 55 gallon drums) when they’re full. The barrels need to be a dark color since light colors will reflect the sun and heat is important when composting.

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Since Air is also important when composting, you will need to drill several hundred holes all over the barrels to allow for air to circulate inside the barrel. Once one barrel is full, the next one can be started on. Rotate the barrels every so often to mix and aerate the compost.
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Word of warning – Take care not to put things like meat and animal feces into the compost. Only put vegetables and plants. However, one exception to this would be eggshells.

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