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Eco Friendly Biodegradable Picnic Ware – Litter around without any guilt

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biodegradable picnic ware 5784 My family is mad for picnics and as soon as the weather gets warm, we prefer to eat outside. So our picnic basket remains out for the whole of the summer. But the question here is the how to have a 100% eco-friendly picnic? Well most supermarkets stock a choice of paper plates, napkins and disposable plastic cutlery in cheerful designs. But if you picnic regularly, it makes sense to start using Biodegradable Picnic Ware. Since most of the picnic spots are littered with eco-unfriendly plastic plates, cups and utensils left behind by lazy picnickers. We need to use this biodegradable set as it is reusable and can be recycled too. It easily disintegrates within a week if left standing in water, or decompose in a few months if left on a compost pile. It even returns natural starch back into the soil. It is also re-usable if washed with care. At least it takes care of the two Rs, reuse and recycle! Each set comprises cassava plates, bowls and cups; plus wooden spoons, forks and knives. Made from Cassava (the tapioca plant), it is totally edible. Just letting you know in case you fall short of your sandwiches and cookies. And for £15, it also comes packed in a biodegradable bag! Did you doubt me when I mentioned about a 100% eco-friendly picnic?

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