NYC’s Marriott setting example for reaching new heights with alternative energy

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The next time you check out the New York Marriott Downtown, apart from a superior level of luxury, the element of being an environmentalist would make you just fall love with the place instantly. The new ‘tri-generation’ power plant within the premises, is making the hotel self sufficient in cooling, heating and electricity, saving a valuable 5800 megawatt hours per year.

Located in the heart of NYC’s financial capital, Manhattan, the innovative technology of 11 micro turbines is superbly low in emissions and high in efficiency. The turbines are estimated to produce energy three times as much the conventional power plant, drastically bringing down the hotel’s energy costs.

The turbines are manufactured by Capstone turbines, known for their micro turbines. It is believed that the turbines don’t produce any steam but an ultra clean exhaust of 550F that could actually clean a street corner in LA! What more when configured to for space the turbines actually 90% efficiency.

Powered by natural gas, the UTC Power’s ‘tri-generation’ PureComfort system, is not just another environmentally product. Apart from generating electricity, it uses the waste heat from the turbines to actually heat water, central heating and also air conditioning.

Via: Dvice

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