Designer conceives smartphone and tablet for Fujitsu Lifebook

Imagine having a smartphone that could transform another component into a tablet or a PC. Most times, we either have to make do with a smartphone or a computer in two separate components. This poses a problem when you need both on the go. Of course, you could carry the two on your travels, but why bother with the hassle? Tommaso Ceschi is a designer who has come up with an idea that could see two devices seamlessly merge into one. The concept is part of Fujitsu’s Lifebook line, which seeks to integrate necessary gadgetry into one cohesive form.

External Smart Memory

Called the MyDesk concept, the ‘My’ stands for a smartphone with an external memory. It contains all the apps you could possibly need and when hooked up to the ‘Desk’ component, transforms the two into a sleek tablet or PC, depending on your preference.

And, as if that wasn’t cool enough, the components make use of solar panels so you don’t need to constantly plug them into power outlets. The intelligent design’s use of solar energy means that you can have near constant power supply provided you regularly harness sunlight. The PV surface on the back of the component is covered by a 4mm thick piece of special glass sourced from Saint Gobain. The glass reduces reflection so that the devices are able to harness more sunlight while the internal workings of the panel ensure that reflected light is trapped. This light trapping ability helps increase the module’s efficiency by three percent. The two components, when merged, can be manipulated to turn into a tablet or a notebook.

This isn’t the first made for Fujitsu project that we’ve seen. The Fujitsu Lifebook is another device that fuses a tablet, smartphone and camera all rolled into one. While still a concept, it has generated quite an interest among internet users.

Via: Yankodesign

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