Designer conceives an advanced bike conception inspired ‘functionally’ by Porsche 911

The grandiose yet sleek demeanor of the exalted Porsche 911 seems to inspire many an innovative designers. However, this time the heartfelt inspiration transcends all modes of highfalutin stuff and ostentatious gadgets to finally come to a zero emission conception. Yes, designer David Schultz has conceptualized a stylish bike that uniquely shares many of the iconic details of the one and only Porsche 911.

Porsche Bike by David Schultz

The entry went to become a semi finalist in Porsche’s organized ‘Next Design Challenge’. And, it was mainly because of a myriad of deft yet subtle attributes, which definitively differentiates this bike from other aesthetics inspired conceptions.

In fact, the designer has gone on to say that it was the functional aspects of the original car rather than the ‘cosmetic’ visual element that enticed him more. Hence, we see the utter simplicity of the bearing with the agility of the streamlined form, which were the key factors in the original 911.

These core features are complimented by a sturdy yet lightweight frame. This traditional double diamond bike frame also embodies the classic 911 glass silhouette, without compromising the need for compact strength and optimized stiffness. Finally, the size factor is improved on the ergonomic level by low stand over height.

So, at the end of the day, we see an advanced bike conception that insinuates functionality over form. And, perhaps this is where the novelty of the design lies; in its tendency to absorb user friendly attributes, rather than trying to blindly ape the outwardly stylish pattern.

Via: Coroflot

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