Get responsible, decorate your home in an eco-friendly manner


Can a house that feels totally glamorous and inviting be decorated in an eco-friendly way? The answer is yes! The new concept today is eco-decor which means decorating responsibly in an environment – friendly way without sacrificing taste or style.

“Green Decorating,” which is being talked about a lot these days does not refer to the color of the carpets and drapes, but to the impact furnishings has on the environment, and our health. A lot of manufacturers and retailers are stepping up with eco-friendly products for the walls and the floors. The material used to make these is recyclable and sourced from sustainable natural sources. One of such “green” products is eco wallpaper.

The 60-year old wallpaper company Graham & Brown in London, is making a wallpaper revolution by making the process eco-friendly. Students of Central St. Martins University (London) have collaborated with the company to come up with eco wallpapers using sustainable materials and green production processes. The eco wallpaper uses materials sourced from sustainable forests in Finland. Packaging is kept to a minimum by removing the need for any tape or plastic. The company recycles heat given off by furnaces, reduces drainage to prevent local flooding problems, and uses vegetable oil within tractor hydraulics so as not to contaminate forest floors.

Other examples of green decor are wood furniture made without having to cut down trees. This furniture is made from reclaimed or recycled peroba wood, and certified, plantation-grown mahogany. Some flooring, bedding and furniture are being made out of bamboo which is a grass that grows faster than most woods.

Via: Myitthings

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