Dartz Jo Mojo, bullet proof electric roadster

Are you in search of a bullet proof electric roadster. Are you searching for a car that is eco friendly and that has an open air cabin? Well, Eduard Gray of Gray Design in collaboration with Dartz has come up with a new electric vehicle, Jo Mojo. Dartz is a Latvian manufacturer of armored vehicles and Gray Design is a leading architectural, interior design and planning firm in MidWest. This is the second collaboration between the two companies. It is an electric vehicle (EV) which is hundred percent eco friendly. It is suitable for the streets of French Riviera. This aggressive and unique electric vehicle provides a speed of 100 kilo meters per hour in about 9.5 seconds. This vehicle will be made public at 2012 Top Marques Monaco in April 2012.

Jo-Mojo Electric Roadster


Jo Mojo features photovoltaic cells in the retractable cover being produced by Soviet space manufacturer, Sidrabe. The cover includes solar panels and enables the electric vehicle to charge in sunlight. The Dartz Jo Mojo highlights a chameleon paint finish, custom seats and bullet proof wheels. Dartz Jo Mojo’s body is also bullet proof and is powered by an electric motor and can produce 80 horsepower and 90 pounds per feet of torque. Jo Mojo can accelerate from 0-62 miles per hour in 9.5 seconds and can hit a speed of 125 kilo meters per hour. It is also available in different colors.

Price and availability:

The expected price of this electric roadster is $40,000. It will be made available by the second quarter of 2012.

Thus, Jo Mojo is a unique and electric roadster with a sleek and bullet proof design. This vehicle is completely environment friendly and is made suitable for French Riviera streets. It can be charged anywhere and its top speed are the most important aspects that will attract customers globally.

Via: Greenpacks

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