10 Most eco-friendly cars debuted at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show 2011 is taking place for the 42nd time and besides the earthquake damages Japan has been able to impress and win over the hearts of many by putting a great show. The organizer of the show is JAMA Inc. which stands for Japan Automobiles Association Inc. The show will take place in December from 2nd to 11th .The show includes the 10 best Eco-Friendly cars which are as follows:

Eco friendly cars at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

1. Toyota FCV-R Concept

Toyota FCV-R Concept

This vehicle concept overcomes the misconception of the fuel cell vehicles being inefficient comparatively. It wins over the hearts of several by its tough and bold look. The automaker of this car is expecting the Prius range of it to be the most in demand. Making the Hydrogen infrastructure, a reality, its vehicle has a range of 435 miles. Its basic cost would be $125000.

2. Nismo Leaf Nismo Concept

Nismo Leaf Nismo Concept

This concept includes the electric vehicles hitting the road. Nissan has been successful in bringing up the electric vehicle in the industry. The electrical concept is eco-friendly in all aspects, from decreasing pollution to being smooth and sound in ride at the same time. Nissan is committed to zero emission in future. The car of this concept shall cost $327800.

3. Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV II

Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV II

This also includes the electrification concept into light. One of its models called Mitsubishi Outlander can run for up to 31 miles on electric power only. Apart from that it has the usual 2 litre 4-cylinder concept like other vehicles. Having the range of 496 miles, the car of this concept can work on parallel hybrid mode as well. It is just the question of switching from one mode to the other parallel mode in order to maintain the consistency of efficiency on road. This would cost £28000.

4. MR2


It has hit the show with its trendy sports look. More like a sports car look, the bold car has maximum of the carbon fibre work done on it. It gives an output of 300 horsepower and can run at a speed of 60 miles per hour. It can run with this speed even after weighing around 3300 pounds. It also has a reworked hybrid power train. It costs around $15000.

5. Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept

Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept

A lot of metal work that has been done is seen in this concept. The internal features are awesome. The so called ‘Angry Wagon’ has won over hearts by its bold and at the same time sober look at the show. The wood work done to the internals adds on to the beauty of this car. It has some special features like monitor in steering wheel and the steel rimmed wood pedals. This wagon with passion would cost $25,895 or so.

6. Toyota Aqua Concept

Toyota Aqua concept

The Aqua concept of Toyota has been very popular lately. It has a heavy and at the same time small size because of which it can cross every difficult route ahead. Good on economy on the basis of fuel efficiency this car is worth. It has electric motor and the Atkinson cycle 4 cylinder engines in it which adds on to its efficiency. Its two versions namely Aqua Kiriri and Aqua Piriri shall hit the market in Tokyo. The cost would average up to 2,00,000 Euros.

7. Honda AC-X Concept PHEV

Honda AC-X Concept PHEV

This concept includes the “Automatic Drive Mode Support”. This concept encourages the folding abilities inside or outside the vehicle. It eases the transportation to a great extent. It also constitutes electric motors and has a good texture to its look. Also, its transparent full wheel covers make it look more unique. Cost of this marvel is $36,000.

8. Nissan Pivo 3

Nissan Pivo 3

The concept of this car lies in its size and compatibility at the same time. It brought in the concept of four-wheel-steering system into a reality. Rather beating the Nano concept of Tata, it brings in the trend of Scooter cum car into reality. The best feature that it possesses is the automated parking system, it finds space on its own and that too very easily.

9. Swift EV Hybrid

Swift EV Hybrid

This model completely fulfills the needs of the Swift buyers. Generally Swift buyers travel 12 to 18 miles per day. Keeping this fact in mind, this design has been brought in to the industry. It has the small battery apart from usual and few similar features with a decent and sober look as well. All in all it uses fewer resources and costs less at the same time.

10. BMW Active Hybrid 5

BMW ActiveHybrid 5

This model suits in the fuel economy. It has a 55 horsepower electric motor. It is turbocharged to 55hp and can run at the speed of 60 miles per hour. It is coming to US in the year 2012 with its turbocharged 3 litre 6 lined engines. Its cost starts at 62900 Euros.

The above mentioned models have features that not only make them eco-friendly but also satisfy the need of the buyers on the basis of efficiency and ultimate satisfaction. Nowadays the demand of eco-friendly things is increasing be it on road or at home. The several concepts from Hydrogen fuel consumption to sunlight consuming engines in cars is on great demand in the market. There is no problem for the buyer to go for a car if it is efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. The recent concept of making use of Hydrogen fuel is on hype in manufacturing industries, one of them being Toyota of course. Also, the concept of making car’s metal body capable of absorbing the sunlight, which acts as a fuel source to drive on road is worth it. Many more of such miracles on road shall make the world more green and eco-friendly in future.

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