Cycle Rally At Hyderabad Underscored Benefits Of Green Transport

On February 17, enthusiasts took part in maiden cycling ride known as “Hyderabad Metro Connects” commenced from Hi-Tec city in Hyderabad to Nagole since morning. A huge number of passionate bicycle riders joined the race popular as “Hyderabad Metro Connects 2013”. “L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Ltd” organized this race together with “Atlanta Foundation”. Students, employees and many more groups participated in bicycle rally for highlighting eco-friendly ways of commuting like cycling or metro rail. IT minister of state, Ponnala Lakshmaiah flagged off the event together with V.B. Gadgil, managing director of L&THMRL.


Minister’s Words On Hyderabad Cycling Race

According to IT minister, eco-friendly events in the state such as cycle rally can completely change the way you look at green approach. Moreover, “Hyderabad Metro Rail Project” will contribute to the progress of city and people residing in. There is no better way other than cycle rally to highlight eco-friendly means of transport that local residents can use and trust upon. Recently, state government is planning to launch bike station in the city to promote the use of cycle with an aim to reduce population and traffic. Bike station will open up great manifest ways for enthusiasts and provide cycle on rent to individuals under a corporate plan.

Highlights Of Bicycle Rally

Bicycle rally was celebrated for the very first time at diverse demonstration on June 5 2011 to commemorate “World Environment Day”. This celebration took place in the year 2011 with “Forest: Nature at Your Service” as edition’s theme to add cherished moments to celebration. In Germany, quite a significant number of bicycle enthusiasts moved through roads to unveil benefits of green transport. On this day, German government closed roads as well as motorways to allow 15,000 people to demonstrate on bicycles. Media persons popularized this bicycle rally as “Star Ride” intended to raise green awareness and improve cycling conditions.


In India, a Noida-based bicycle manufacturer joined forces for organizing a 25-kilometer bicycle rally to promote green practices worldwide. “Delhi Cycling Club” together with 100 people participated in the rally to foster environmental awareness and exploitation of green products to the best possible extent. Significance of eco-friendly transportation mode is manifold and can help you reduce energy-consumption. After this rally, “Noida Cycling Club” witnessed a gradual increase in the number of members.

Bicycle To Emerge As Universal Means Of Transportation

In the beginning of June, bike-sharing sites reported inauguration of several bike sharing across the globe. On June 3, 2012, both women and men participated in annual cycle rally to highlight the benefits of green energy and low-carbon transportation in Shanghai. “China Communist Youth League” supported the event and presented a wonderful platform for enthusiasts to invigorate and communicate with friends. To go beyond than just getting green, numbers of people consider riding bicycle for several reasons. Without any doubt, bicycle riding can help you save a considerable amount of money that can be commuted to other work. Bicycle riding also ensures better health and fit body minimizing your requisite to drive to gym for using electric bike.


Other than reducing CO2 emission, bicycle riding can bring about favorable impact on environment in manifest ways. As per the report of “Environmental Protection Agency”, normal car burn up 11,450 pounds CO2 to cover 12,500 miles every year. Most of the people acclimatize to the fact that emission of GHG or Greenhouse gas is solely responsible for global warming. Bicycle riding also reduced dependence of America on naturally existing fuels. This has also decreased the requisite of having more roadways thereby adding value to government fund. Above all, bicycle riding contribution to improved air quality is creditable and worth mentioning.

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