CRK electric urban concept car gets charged by the sun

Talking of zero emission and environmentally friendly cars, car designers go absolutely berserk visualizing new car concepts. The CRK electric urban Nano is one such concept car creatively and scientifically envisaged by Miro Arsov. He has come up with this innovative idea of an electric car powered by batteries as well as solar energy, power infused with striking features and a stunning new look.

CRK electric urban vehicle

The Nano is an uber cool environmentally friendly concept car that can change the future of modern commuting for the better. This futuristic electric vehicle is quite spacious for two people with average body frames. The CRK Nano can be customized to accommodate fully closed and/or detachable doors. The rear portion of the glass can be removed to make it resemble a sleek semi-convertible. There is some additional storage space available behind the rear seat.

The seats are removable permitting maintenance of motor and batteries. Fitted with a fully functional suspension, double A front and rear arms, this modern concept car has a sturdy carbon fiber or aluminum space frame making it a rigid safety cell. The car parts and panels are made of durable high density injection molded polyethylene, making absolutely no compromise on passenger’s safety.

Solar cells mounted on the glass roof provide a safe and viable alternative to charging batteries and other electronic devices, when electric charging points are not available at certain locations. One button dashboard that switches between rear and forward driving direction plus a smartphone will be a stunning addition to this concept automobile for an all-in-one vehicle operation and navigation system with relevant applications.

Via: Grabcad

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