Creative and innovative ideas for using eco-friendly furniture design

Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived.
These lines coined by Sidney Sheldon keep going around our head when we see some environmental damage around us. Our team and we are a bunch of hard working green ecologist who themselves have not only adopted green living, but are also striving to reach out to others. Accordingly, we brought to you – a unique blog on greener tips for living lives.

From the perspective of sustainable furniture designers, waste is a form of design failure. In this blog, we will mainly concentrate on how to use eco-friendly furniture designs.

Tips to make the world a better place:

Try to Reduce

A good home isn’t filled with high end furniture and soothing air-fresheners. A cool home is about how minimalistic you can be while decorating your home and enhancing the beauty of your furniture. The beauty part depends upon your creativity but each person has a different opinion on the beauty. However, reducing the furniture part is very much in your hands. Surfing the net or even our blog for some green ideas can help you style your house.

Reuse all that good stuff

Reusing the stuff is the next step in the 3R mantra. Reusing can really help and you can create some stuff, such as recliner, that can WOW your guests. Cool recliners can be made from reclaimed wood, which is sure to place you a step ahead of others.

Reuse your Piano as a bookshelf

This idea looks like a strange one, but this works. Converting your old piano into a new bookshelf removes the conventional idea of a bookshelf.

Reclaimed Wood (help from heaven)

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Use reclaimed wood that’s lighter on your pocket and also reduces damage to mother nature.

Definitely, there are hundreds of more ideas available on the net that you can explore and try out.

Be creative

If you are really creative and want to make a piano bookshelf, then your old bookshelf can serve as a great mini bar holding drinks and glasses. The old suitcases can either be converted into your cat’s home or an extra storage. The key here is to maximize your creativity so that you can produce a beautiful storage.

We would like to Touch Up upon One More Aspect – a scientific approach to furniture.

  • Minimize the waste: When carving out furniture, a lot of wood is wasted. According to the size and amount of wood that is being wasted, choose some style that suits your home well and get things done for you. Collect all of your sawdust and compress it to a block that can serve as a coffee table.
  • Use your cool recliners, in an efficient manner. Use the recliners that have less of wood and more of softness.

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