5 Reasons Why You Should Place Your Water Heater in the Attic


When it comes to water heater installation, you have many things to consider. For example, you have to keep in mind the type of water heater you should have (with tank or tankless). But perhaps the most important consideration when installing your water heater is its location.

Water-Heater-in-the-AtticPeople have been debating about the best location for a water heater at home. In fact, a simple search on Google will bring you to various forums discussing the best place to install a water heater. Ultimately, the decision depends on your preference and your unique needs.

However, before we go deeper in choosing the location for your water heater, it is worth mentioning that the location is also dependent on the type of water heater you have. These days, many homeowners are opting to replace their traditional water heaters with the tankless types.

According to folks at, tankless water heaters are obviously less bulky, therefore taking up less space. It is also much easier to conceal them. Try searching for the best Rinnai hot water heaters reviews and Rinnai tankless water heater price to see if this type of water heater suits your needs and price range.

The first question that needs to be answered is this: why is location important when installing a water heater?

For one, your location affects the delivery of your hot water. The longer the distance of your water heater is from the room or faucet in use, the higher the possibility of the water losing heat as it travels. It can also mean you end up wasting water that is not hot yet, as you wait for hot water to travel.

Safety is also another reason why careful consideration must be taken when selecting the location for your water heater. For example, some experts would discourage homeowners from placing their water heaters in the garage due to the presence of flammable substances stored there.

Also, accessibility should be considered when selecting your water heater location. You or an expert should be able to access the water heater in case of leaks. This will also ensure easy monitoring of your water heater.

Many homeowners also look into the aesthetic effects of placing a water heater in a specific room. This is why many opt to place their water heaters in secluded, hidden rooms or spaces in their homes.

Then lastly, the location of your water heater is highly dependent on your local building codes. That is why it is important to check your local regulations as you decide where to place your water heater.

So where should you place your water heater? One of the most common choices for homeowners is the attic.

Why should you place your water heater in the attic?


Water-Heater-in-the-AtticAs mentioned above, accessibility is an important consideration when selecting where to install your water heater. The attic, while it is concealed is easily accessible in many homes. For example, easy access is achieved through the pull-down stairs usually present in many homes.

This means if you place your water heater in the attic, you can easily go in and monitor it in case of leaks and other damages. Personnel can also easily access when repairs are needed.


Placing your water heater in the attic is a relatively safe decision. Unlike in the garage, you do not have to worry about spilling flammable substances in the attic (unless of course this is where you store your flammable products, which we advise you not to do!). This means less chances for accidents to occur.

Saves you space

Water-Heater-in-the-AtticBecause the attic is technically an extra space at home, placing your water heater there will help you save more important spaces around the house. It frees up more space needed in the garage, for example.

It is concealed

For many homes, the attic has become a storage room for unused things such as furniture and old clothes. One reason for this is the concealed location of the attic. It keeps your entire home from looking disorganized and messy.

The same can be achieved when you place your water heater in the attic. Of course, it is not uncommon knowledge that water heaters are not pretty, and so many would choose to hide them. Good thing, the attic is a great hiding place for your water heater.

Water distribution

Another reason why many choose to install their waters in the attic is the faster water distribution it allows. When you place your water heater in the attic, this means water can reach your plumbing fixtures much faster, so you do not have to wait for a long time for hot water to come out.

The above are just some of the reasons why the attic is a choice when selecting the location for your water heater. However, the above pros do not cancel some concerns many homeowners have when it comes to placing their water heaters in the attic.

For one, you have to make sure your attic is well built and can hold the weight of your water heater. You also have to decide on the right size of the drain pan to be placed under the water heater tank. And of course, you have to check with your local building codes whether placing a water heater in the attic is allowed.

Again, if you do not want to be burdened by the size of tanks in traditional water heaters, we suggest asking around for the tankless types. Begin your research by looking up Rinnai hot water heaters reviews and Rinnai tankless water heater price to see if this type works for you.

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