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What’s Next: Creating clean energy from sound

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After trying to generate renewable energy from a variety of sources, there are a few researchers who are now trying to convert waste energy from sources such as ambient noise into clean energy, which, at present, can power portable electronics. The idea is clever too, with so much noise all around us, we can generate some energy without polluting the eco system.

As we know it

Sound energy is basically a form of mechanical energy and it is not contained in discrete particles. It is hence not related to any chemical change but is definitely related to the pressure caused due to its vibrations. Sound energy is not used for electrical power or needs of human energy, as the amount of energy from sound is small. Of course, energy is the amount of work performed by a force.

Creating clean energy from sound

Need for change

Scientists have worked upon and searched from tip to toe in the exploration for other alternative source of energy. For instance, the researchers of the University of Michigan have come up with this abundant source of energy in the several experiments. This clean energy is expected to bring in miraculous affect and will be able to deliver very cost-effective solutions.

What’s next

After the long term experiments and effort to achieve the target, the question that comes to our mind is, ‘what’s next?’ What can be created or what are the various possibilities is the ultimate question. Some of the supportive answers are as follows.

1. Phones could be charged on their own

There have been miniature generators created by scientists, which produce energy from random vibrations. The random vibrations could be the sound of a passing cars or footsteps or rather machinery. The sonic batteries are capable of measuring less than a half cubic inch and producing 0.5 milliwatt of power that is sufficient enough to power a wristwatch. The main goal is however to be able to power surgically implanted devices. The implanted devices could be the ones such as pacemakers which otherwise would require replacements every now and then. This turns out to cut on the expenses as well since the instruments like pacemaker requiring replacements cost a lot.

Phones charged by talking

What’s new

The new thing is of course the idea of phones getting charged by simply talking to them. This is all possible through the mini generators as mentioned before. One of the renewable energy sources ignored the most is undoubtedly sound. But this latest energy project shall turn tables and we will see phones that recharge themselves with sound energy in our voices itself. Hence, it seems like yelling on phone would be good for charging the phone.

What difference will it make

Not only limiting to talking, this phone can also be charged by the use of background noise, and music, which is quite fascinating. Hence, the seriousness towards sound energy is also increasing.

2. T-Shirt that generates power from sound energy

As the name suggests, here is the T-Shirt that generates power from sound energy. In an atmosphere with sound levels ranging more than 80 dB, the contraption is capable of generating up to 6 watt hours (W/h) power in two days.

T-Shirt generates power from sound

What’s new

In fact the telecommunication giant Orange has already announced the advanced version of a mobile charging technology whose prototype is called Orange ‘Sound Charge’.

What difference will it make

The efficiency is the big difference that it makes. It can generate up to 6 watt hours (W/h) in an atmosphere having sound levels of more than 80 db. This power is sufficient for two days. This would also be good enough to charge two smart phones or even conventional mobile phones.

3. A device that produces energy from noise

Device that produces energy from noiseWhat’s new

This wonderful creation is from the idea out of the brains of the four students of American University of Sharjah. This idea of producing power from noise is to create a device that directly produces energy from noise.

What difference will it make

This device can convert noise created by the simplest movements itself like footsteps. The device can be installed well to trap the sound waves and mechanical vibrations produced by fast moving vehicles. This is then converted into electrical energy that can be further used for street lighting etc. Further such experiments and researches shall bring an era in which we will live a 100% energy efficient life.

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