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Combining carpentry with green ideas for an eco friendly home

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Eco friendliness is the latest trend to hit the world. Sustainability is on everyone’s lips as people slowly wake up to the fact that resources are finite and so is the planet. This trend has become apparent in art, architecture, automobile manufacture and some gadgetry. Ordinary people are also implementing green ideas in their homes, not only to help contribute to the environment but to cut down costs in utility bills. And, if you can’t afford to rebuild your home to adhere to green guidelines, there are small changes that can be made to increase the green factor. We’re giving you a list of carpentry ideas you can incorporate to do just that.

Eco friendly homes

1. Green walls

The term ‘green wall’ is literally a wall that is green with living plants. Increasingly being implemented in commercial establishments and upscale stores, vertical green walls are the perfect natural air filtration systems as well as making for interesting décor. It doesn’t require you to do much either; all you need is to build a frame and choose the type of plants you want to grow. Like with all other materials, wood will need to be perforated to insert the saplings and allow the plants to grow. You’ll need to put together two panels to hold the soil. Vertical green walls are great in that they don’t take up too much space and don’t require you to construct a complicated wooden carpentry piece.

2. Hempcrete

Most of us know hemp as that intoxicating substance which is smoked. But this environment friendly plant has many other uses than simply getting high on. Requiring no herbicides and only a little pesticide, this domesticated plant is perfect for insulation and construction. Mixed with lime, hemp isn’t as brittle as concrete not does it need expansion joints. In modern context, hemcrete is fast becoming the construction material of choice for its ability to act as a moisture regulator as well as purifying the air with its CO2 absorbing capabilities. Combine hempcrete houses with wooden elements to make your home come alive.

3. Modular homes

If you’re thinking of changing house, modular homes could be the solution for an affordable and unconventional abode. Unlike the prefab homes of old that deterred a majority of people from residing in them owing to their rough appearance, modern modular abodes are far superior, both in terms of design and durability. If building it yourself proves too difficult, then you can always purchase kit houses from modular home companies. They’re smaller than traditional houses and don’t waste as much materials during construction. They also use less energy to cool and heat the interiors.

4. Energy efficient windows

If you want to control just how much heat enters your home, then opting for energy efficient windows will do you well. Modern manufacturers have begun producing windows that are insulated to trap in heat or those that are tinted to prevent too much heat and glare from entering. This helps in lowering your utility bills and dependence on the grid. As for the frames, you can design them any way you want to although nonmetallic ones will help cool interiors even more. Incidentally, windows with a lower U-factor number are more efficient.

5. Reclaimed furniture

Reclaimed furniture is gaining popularity considering the high cost of wood and the excessive logging that’s taking place all over the globe to make wood-based products. Much of the reclaimed wood that’s used is picked up from junkyards, backyards and forests. These fallen pieces of wood have inspired many to create furniture that’s just as good as new but with interesting designs. For instance, wood with grooves or odd patterns are incorporated into the furniture’s design itself.

6. Roof garden

Roof gardens not only look attractive but help in keeping a home cool during summers and insulated during winters. While they do require more care than green walls, a little know-how is all one needs to set up a roof garden. Besides, if it proves to be too tough to establish, roof contractors can always be called. Depending on how large your home is, you can choose to have a roof garden with only vegetation or one that features seating areas too.

7. Computerized wood carving door

With the help of a wood carving CNC router, leftover wood chops are used to create computerized wood carving doors and windows. It’s made of pine and MDF with heat and sound insulation. The recycled door is supposedly fire resistant and can prevent discoloring. So, not only do you get yourself an unconventional door design with many perks, but you help contribute to the recycling cause as well.

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