Coarse and Artsy wood Paneling by Wonderwall Studios

Jagged and rough is quite a refreshing change from the mundane polished or glossy finishes that you see all around. Taking nonconformist ideas to a new level are the cutting edge wall panels from Wonderwall studios. Nothing like the standard panels strewn across the market, these will surely give your interiors a de novo appeal.

Recycled Wood Panelings by Wonderwall Studios

The earthy and coarse appearance of the panels will easily make them the high point of any room. You need to be a bit careful and go for plain looking add ons for your room because complex or intense accessories will clash with the panel. Potted plants, terra cotta collectibles, wooden furniture, grassy weaves and shiny metals will compliment the look of this panel. They are flat at the back, hence can be mounted easily on a wall using a tacker.

These woody wall panels come in five varieties, namely; Wheels, Brooklyn, Parker, Bridges and Phoenix. Wheels are made out of second hand wood sourced from redundant houses, which gives them a characteristic coarse look. Surplus hardwood from the furniture industry is used to craft the smooth surface of Brooklyn. Bumpy looking Parker makes use of spare recycled wood obtained at construction sites. The much softer Pheonix and Bridges are new additions to the collection. Bridges is made from reclaimed wood, while Phoenix employs reused decorative pieces from the furniture industry.

The sheer number of eco friendly traits of these panels have will leave you astounded. Firstly, they are made only from natural and recycled materials, which is a devoted cause taken up by the firm. Moreover, the panels are hand crafted, thus helping in creating more opportunities for skilled craftsmen. Moreover, the artisans are picked from all over the world as against a single location.

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