City Hybrid: Sustainable design that uses a sturdy bamboo frame

Modern roads are pretty cluttered and with more cars making their way on to the roads with each passing day, it seems like the traffic is only getting worse. Add to this all the carbon emissions as well and you are stuck on roads that seem to keep you waiting forever and in clouds of pollution. Riding a bicycle though is a wonderful way of getting around all of this. Sure, it cannot work all the time and you cannot pedal your way everywhere. But whenever you just need to get around a few blocks or maybe take a leisurely trip to escape from the hustles of modern life, pedal power presents with a perfect outlet.

City Hybrid

It also seems to offer you a good way to get a bit of exercise and if you are one of those who is willing to go the extra mile and spend a tad bit more on a bike that is all the more ‘green’, then the City Hybrid seems like a pretty good choice. Do not be confused by its name though as it does not seem to be carrying any battery pack to offer you an assistance. The ‘hybrid’ part of its name seems to focus on the design of the bike that merges a bamboo frame with the modern pedals, seat and handles to offer you a unique combination of both worlds.

The frame of the bike is made entirely out of bamboo and that gives it a look that is sure to turn some heads while you take it out for a ride. The bamboo frames have proved to be very strong and long lasting with nothing to worry about whatsoever. Available for $3,350, you have various colors and options to pick from.

Via: Grassframes

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