Eco friendly Cheese Sculptures – Cheesy art for cheese lovers!

cheese sculpture 5784 Till date I used cheese only for sandwiches, pastas, sauces or nibble on to it JLT. But here’s the most novel use of this edible dairy product – Cheese Sculptures! And why do you think that it has found its way here on EcoFreind is simply because this raw material for making these sculptures is absolutely eco-friendly. So brush aside your cravings and gear up to carve an objet d’art from that block of cheese. After the trend of ice sculptures, butter sculptures, chocolate sculptures, it time for cheese to get sculpted. Some artist in Indiana, named Sarah Kauffman has been wowing the crowds at the State Fair with her monumental works in cheese. Take a look at her work and get inspired to don a sculpture’s apron rather then the chef’s hat in your kitchen. How about growing some mold on it for some interesting effects! I feel it’s a better option over clay for kids too… hone their molding skills. Just in case they get hungry and want to eat something, you won’t need to worry about toxic things going in their tummy. cheese sculpture2 5784 And when you run out of the cheese in the refrigerator, you just need to pick one of these cheese art objects and carry on with cooking that lip-smacking sauce. Via Trendhunter

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