You don’t need to rush out of your shower with Quench Shower system

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If you just cannot get out of your shower without being yelled at for wasting water, then the Quench Shower system is what doctor advised for you. This system will actually allow you to drench your self to your heart’s desire without feeling guilty of misusing water. Coming from Australia, the land with rising water scarcity, the Quench Shower system involves a two-step process. The first being the usual shower mode where you soap up, shampoo and rinse off. Then it gets to task when you press a button for auto-mode showering. It involves building up a reservoir of clean water that you can continuously use for as long as you want. Sporting a continuous recycling and reheating feature you can enjoy your shower as long as you like without wasting any water. To be precise, it helps you save about 82% water and 87% energy. A shower that cleanses your body and lightens your mood as well as bills!

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