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Carpet tools: What all you need to maintain the quality and look of your rug

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Carpet cleaning is an art and as a home owner who has rugs in distinct parts of the homes, chances are bright that you have limited knowledge on the measures one needs to take to maintain the quality and look of the carpet.

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Carpet tools are required to maintain the elegance of your carpet. You need to have some of them in your tool kit in case you live away from mainland. Below are listed some of the carpet tools that will help you maintain the elegance of your rug.

1. Seaming tools for carpets

Cushion back cutter, cushion lock cutter and loop pile cutters are some of the carpet seaming tools that you need to have. These seaming tools cut carpets backing thus avoiding any potential damage to the yarn. The biggest advantage of carpet seaming tool is that it has optimum angle blade that helps cut carpet at right seam, thus giving the carpet an exquisite look.

2. Knives

Carpet knives are another set of carpet tools you need to have, especially when you talk about carpet installation. A standard carpet knife has a slotted blade with a slim profile. The slim profile of the carpet knife helps to achieve its closer cut. Hinged knives are also available and provide easy access at difficult seams.

3. Knee kickers

Knee kickers are telescopic steel tubes having length adjustments. These are very handy in carpet installation and form part of the standard tool kit for carpet installation.

4. Carpet iron

An imperative part of the tool kit required for maintaining the elegance of the carpet, the carpet iron cannot be missed. Carpet iron not only gives an elegant look to the carpet but also ensures that the rustic look of the carpet is maintained long enough.

5. Trimmers

Carpet trimmers are another imperative you need to possess to maintain the elegance of the carpet. Height and density adjustments need to be done to maintain the elegance of the carpet. The carpet trimmer needs to have four-position adjustable throat in order to ensure that they are able to keep height and density adjustments under check. In case you wish to have wall carpeting done, you can opt for multipurpose wall trimmers. These let you install wall carpets without leaving any mark on the wall. Other category of carpet trimmers include molding and bar trimmers and you need to have the same in your tool kit.

6. Carpet shears

In case the carpet needs to be cut, carpet shears can do the job. Designed exclusively to cut the carpet, shear ensures that the carpet gets cuts in one go. One can do easy and leveled cutting with curved blades and offset handles. A good pair of carpet shear comes in a range of designs and you can choose from nickel-plated shears, duckbill-napping shears and big loop napping shears to do the job effortlessly.

7. Nails and hammers

In case you need to attach the track board and need to nail it to floor, you will need nails and hammers. Hammer in particular can be an optional tool that you might need, when the carpet gets raised at edges. This happens due to wear and tear and these basic tools can come handy, when basic repairs in rugs have to be done.

8. Power stretcher

As the name suggests, power stretcher helps keep the rug tight and stretched. Power stretcher helps pull edges of rug over the tack strip. This also ensures that no wrinkles are noticed after the rug has been installed.

9. Vacuum

Another imperative for keeping the rug in the best of its form is vacuum. A vacuum cleaner is required to keep the rug new. Ensure that you have robotic vacuum as it helps keep the rug clean.

10. Doormats

You might be surprised to find the doormat in the list of essentials of carpet tools. The doormat ensures that dirt and sand remain outside the home. The life of your rug is increased in case you ensure that the doormat is always present outside your home. As a valuable accessory for your home, doormat ensures that the elegance of your home is maintained long.


Rugs not only enhance the visual appeal of your home but also add elegance to the home. Keeping the tool kit complete in all respects will help you achieve this objective and realize the dream of making the home elegant and desirable at the same time.

Take you pick not only in choosing the rug you want for your home but also keep a tab on the tool kit.

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