Can Garden Rooms Be Sustainable? All You Need to Know

Can Garden Rooms Be Sustainable

The use of wood in garden rooms presents many benefits to the environment, as it is a natural and renewable material. A garden room is an excellent option for those who value quick build, cost-effectiveness, durability of materials and the cosy style of its architecture. Furthermore, it promotes balance and establishes responsible production, which makes wooden houses an eco-friendly option.

How Garden Rooms Can Be Sustainable

However, there are many wooden prefabricated models of garden rooms that are not in tune with what’s best for the environment. It is essential that you evaluate the wood source and, whenever possible, prioritize garden room suppliers that use wood provenient from reforestation, as it is more eco-friendly. Also, in terms of location, the more it is produced near its final destination, the better, as fewer emissions, waste and pollution will be generated with its transportation. If sustainability is something crucial for you in the selection of a garden room, check the Quick Garden production – it offers an array of wood buildings with stylish, contemporary design, great comfort and materials prevenient from responsible sources.

Sustainability is Trending

Sustainability is a big trend in housing construction, namely with passive houses. These constructions obey a set of principles and are certified according to the Passivhaus norm, which dictates that the houses should take advantage of the natural resources of their location, as well as control over natural lightning and solar exposure, thus achieving higher levels of energy savings.

However, passive houses are not a possibility for everyone. Having a garden room built out of eco-friendly wood already has many benefits, such as durability and the need for less maintenance over time. Wood also gains points when it comes to thermal insulation, as it keeps inside temperatures more stable all year around when compared to traditional cement houses.

More Benefits of Eco-Friendly Garden Rooms

Choosing eco-friendly materials for your garden room will also mean a healthier indoor environment. Standard construction items contain harmful substances that can come from the materials they are produced from or the manufacturing process. Wood is free from harmful chemicals, finishes and other types of pollutants. Thus, it’s safer for your – and your family’s – health. A good indoor environment also improves the residents’ quality of life, reduces stress and has other proven health benefits.

There are many ways through which we can reduce our carbon footprint, and choosing eco-materials for construction and housing is one of them. As we’ve mentioned above, wood production typically involves less pollution and other processes that have harmful effects on the planet. Wood materials also use less shared resources (for instance, water), and thus, have a beneficial impact on the environment.

A lot of people pick garden rooms made out of wood due to their functionality, sturdiness and stylish options. However, making more sustainable and environmentally-friendly choices is becoming a priority for many families. If it is something you value as well, browse through Quick Garden selection of great – and green! – garden rooms.

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