Building Parquet Floors With Reclaimed Bamboo

Beautiful floors lead to a healthy living and with go green being the latest buzz, reclaimed products are the talk of the town. Today home owners want to choose products that meet the environmental standards and help in saving the planet. If you are the one who has zeal for natural products, then reclaimed bamboo will be your choice. With Eco-friendly products easily available in the market, it is not difficult to add your share in saving the environment and our planet. Usage of nature friendly products not only ensures a safe planet but healthy living conditions. This could include eco friendly flooring or eco friendly ceiling or walls or eco friendly paints and more. You can use these nature friendly elements to create an eco home. And if you are a parquet floor lover, you can use reclaimed bamboo to suit your taste and style.

Know more about parquet floors

Parquet flooring is a low maintenance flooring option and parquet floors are usually long lasting. They are often a choice of many for their bedrooms or hallways. Parquet floors can also serve as a decorative piece of art as they can be installed to create various geometric designs using curved and natural shapes. Parquet flooring can create a warm and comfortable living environment complimenting your eco home. Additionally, dust and germs are not entertained by parquet flooring, especially made from bamboo. This flooring also helps maintain internal atmosphere as it absorbs heat and humidity, providing a healthy indoor climate. Parquet can provide you with unlimited options to accentuate your living style.

Know more about bamboo

Bamboo belonging to the grass family is a renewable resource which can be grown back easily once harvested, reaching full maturity within four years. Without depleting non-renewable sources of nature, bamboo can be used as a building material for parquet flooring. For instance, bamboo nails do not become rusty even after several years which prove that it is more durable than its traditional counterparts. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, which proves to be a unique element for building any surface decoration. Bamboo is a sustainable and an environment friendly resource which enables us to reduce our individual carbon footprint. Bamboo flooring products can be designed to suit any taste and budget.

Parquet flooring from reclaimed bamboo

Adding charm and beauty to your eco home, reclaimed bamboo parquet floors are manufactured using bamboo as the main material. This flooring requires room temperature of about 20°C and a relative air humidity of 50-60 percent. It provides excellent abrasion resistance and is easy to maintain. Bamboo parquet is available in natural and carbonized colors. This form of parquet flooring using reclaimed bamboo is available in four types – horizontal, vertical, engineered and stranded. Parquet flooring from reclaimed bamboo is known for its durability, strength and resistance to denting. It is also moisture resistant and is cheaper as compared to other hardwood flooring materials. The Parquet flooring from reclaimed bamboo is easy to clean and can be created in various outlines like baroque patterns, block patterns and herringbone patterns to give an impressive and contemporary look. Custom styling is one of the greatest benefits of Parquet flooring from reclaimed bamboo. Parquet flooring from reclaimed bamboo costs about fifty percent less than wooden flooring. Since it does not harbor dust mites, it is great option for allergy sufferers. At the end of its life, bamboo parquet can be recycled completely or used for generating energy. This form of flooring comes in form of planks which can provide easy DIY options as well. It provides easy tool free installation and is most suitable for glue down installation. You can opt for matching skirting, rosettes and moldings with Parquet flooring from reclaimed bamboo.


Parquet flooring from reclaimed bamboo has become one of most green and sustainable building material option. It is important to shop wisely and carefully when planning to install Parquet flooring from reclaimed bamboo. Parquet brings comfort and style to your eco home. It looks as beautiful as hardwood flooring as it comes in various shades to fit any décor. To maintain Parquet flooring from reclaimed bamboo, avoid prolonged contact with water. This environment friendly option is fire resistant and possesses anti-bacterial properties. Installation of bamboo flooring is also easy. Bamboo flooring is great choice for all the nature lovers. This flooring looks stylish and modish and is very cost effective. Since it is an environment friendly option, it can be disposed off at the end of its life cycle, adding to its green element.

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