Black and white ruffled drum shades made out of recycled plastic bags

The sight of plastic bags in supermarkets is not pleasant, especially for eco friendly shoppers. And, if they see people carrying plastic bags instead of paper or other recyclable bags, their face gets lined with a scornful grin. But, overcoming this last part Allison Patrick collected black and white plastic bags from local grocery stores to recycle them and create this amazing drum shade.

Ruffled Black and White Drum Shade

A lot of hard work and brainstorming went into designing this drum shade. Initially Patrick thought of giving the shade a shag carpet finish, but he had already used it and therefore wanted something new this time around. After a good amount of thinking he finally settled for rosette scheme.

He cut the plastic bags into long strips and then rolled them into rosettes, which were finally glued to the shade. He alternated between smearing glue on the shade and dabbing it directly on the rosettes. Since these are plastic rosettes, they are light in weight and gluing them like this has helped to secure them well against the shade frame.

This shade design has opened up new experiment possibilities for Allison, as he thinks that not only can he play around with texture, but also with different color schemes. The market is replete with various shapes of bags, with a wide variety of colors and textures, which can all be taken advantage of.

Via: The3rsblog

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