Most bizarre eco friendly products

It is high time now and people must adapt a green lifestyle. Many global environmental challenges and issues necessitate the spread of awareness on green technologies. Indeed, an eco friendly approach in life grants better relaxation for stressed minds and ends up in reduction of carbon footprints to a big extent. Here we are up with ten bizarre green products, which will push everyone to have a detailed second look.

Eco friendly Remote Control

Conductor is an eco friendly TV remote concept that operates on kinetic energy. Donghua University students engineered the remote for Sony’s green products competition. Conductor produces charge for operation as the user swings it from side to side. The entire functioning of the remote is driven through particular movements. To adjust volume, to change channels, to switch off TV or whatever it is, users just need to sway it in various directions. Interestingly, your TV will get automatically turned off if Conductor remains inactive for a period of time.

Solar Powered Light up Squirrel

A bizarre product gives a finishing for your living room. The solar powered Squirrel from GreenCulture is a special pick for your showcase. What is cool with this artificial squirrel is that it harvests power in sunlight and lights up in dark thanks to its LED body. GreenCulture sells the Solar Squirrel for $55.

Lemon powered clock

The Citrus clock from designer Anna Grame is powered by the energy from lemons. The device reminds us of the fact that nature is still our direct source of energy . A single lemon can power the clock for a week or longer. Citrus sports a digital clock, which draws its power from a sliced lemon, placed on the lower end of the device. The technology works on a process called the electrolysis.

Green moss carpet

Will you love the idea of adorning your bathroom with the lush greens? If yes, then the Green moss carpet by Nguyen La Chanh is a wonderful way you can pave your bathroom floors with green. The moss will grow palmy in humid environments. So it is highly suitable for your bathrooms and lawns. Chanh has utilized a decay free foam, dubbed the plastazote to make this ingenious green design.

Green pollution sensitive dress

Designer Stephanie Sandstrom has created a green pollution sensitive EPA dress that warns of bad air through some interesting signs. If the outer air is polluted, the robe will cleverly create some wrinkles. The EPA Dress was displayed in the San Francisco Exploratorium’s 2nd Skin Exhibition four years back. Sandstrom has woven the EPA Dress using some special sensors that can read the surrounding atmosphere for air quality.

Roll on MP3 Player

Norwegian designer Christian Karlsson has conceived the Roll On MP3 Player, which produces energy for its functioning through a kinetic method. The device is inspired by the process of a bicycle dynamo and it also resembles a dynamo in shape. To charge it, the user is just expected to roll its top wheel. For the media content, you can connect the Roll On MP3 Player with a computer or other devices via its inbuilt USB port.

Kirikabu green speakers

JVC Kirikabu is a bonsai laden modular green speaker. The conceptual speaker from eco friendly plastic comes in a variety of shapes. Each model mounts a compartment for planting a small bonsai tree. A Kirikabu speaker looks like a tree stump and it has three horizontal stubs. When two stubs sport speakers, the third one is just a terminal. It will be a great thing to place a Kirikabu in your living room for a green touch.

Edible shoe cream

Edible shoe cream, the words make think for sure. Yes, Po-Zu has made a multi purpose shoe cream from pure cold pressed coconut oil. The shoe polish is without any toxins and so you can use it to prepare foods and smear on your lips and skin as a moisturizer. A small can of the crazy shoe cream comes for just $15. It is regarded as eco friendly because of its multiple uses and anti toxin traits.

Eco friendly umbrella

It is yet another bizarre green concept, an umbrella with a recycled newspaper canopy. Well, the product called Eco brolly from designer Shiu Yuk Yuen is a pocket sized frame of an umbrella. Users can mount the canopy using discarded newspapers, cardboard or plastic. The Eco brolly is a nice idea, but the umbrella is not usable in rainy days; it is best for a relief from scorching sun, however.

The inner life chair

Residents in urban dwelling always miss a green touch. The designer Martin Azua has realized the Inner Life Chair for those people to have some connection with the greenery. The chair is a minimalistic seating that features a slot to grow a plant. The comfy seating will provide better comfort for people, thanks to the closeness to green.

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