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Best solar water heaters available on the market

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Solar water heaters are one of the best ways to make the efficient use of sun as a renewable source of energy. By changing your electricity water heater to solar one, you can drastically reduce your electricity bills. If you have already decided to go green, then you must choose one according to the structure of your home and as per your needs. These tanks are available in huge variations of colors and capacity. Besides reducing your electricity bills, they even conserve the water for future use. This article will help you to choose from among the best solar water heaters available in the market these days.

Solar water heating

1. Auklit’s solar powered water heater

Auklet Solar water heater

This solar powered heater runs over pressure system and is one of the best eco-friendly heaters that are available in the market. These heaters cost from 700 to 1400 USD and comes in a variety of colors. This water heater follows the passive mean to heat the water and it contains a separate tank for storing the water. It is made of stainless steel and can hold 150 to 500 liters of water. It contains loops of pipes that can be connected directly to the water tank. Moreover, it will provide you hot water even at night by reserving hot water in its tank.

2. Sun-storm’s solar powered water heater

Sunstorm solar water heater.

This solar water heater contains joined system of tank and solar heating pipe system. It has very long life because of its steel structure. This solar water heater contains tank that holds no pressure. The heating system of this solar water heater is passive and can hold water up to 360 liters. The heater will cost you around 700 USD. This water heater is not very much spacious and can be installed on your rooftop easily.

3. OEM solar water heater

OEM Solar heater

This solar heating system is very convenient to use and can be easily installed on your rooftop. It can hold up to 140-299 liters of water. This is also one of the cheapest water heater that costs around 80-150 USD.

4. Solar water heater with pressure

HONGU solar water heater

This solar water heating system has the different connection for tank and the base. This freestanding solar water heater can hold up to 300 liters of hot water. It is made of plastic and follows passive heating of water. It comes with a warranty of 15 years for heat pipes and costs around 800 to 1400 USD. This solar water heater is available in different colors because of its plastic polymer. You can install it easily and it is very convenient to use. It is easily available in the market or you can order it online.

5. OU’SUN compact solar water heaters

OUSUN solar water heater.

This solar water heater contains evacuated tubes and follows a passive way of heating the water. This system is made of stainless steel that can hold up to 150 liters of water. The diameter of its inner tank is about 359 mm and contains 10-12 tubes in an open looping structure for heating purpose. This heating system is certified by various solar heater licensing companies. This solar water heater is available in huge variation of colors. The cost of this solar heater is around 59 to 299 USD.

6. Deno solar heater

Deno Solar water heater

This solar water heater is totally made of steel. The heater is unpressurised and contains the water-holding tank on the top of its heating tubes. The tubes of this solar water heater are of 58X1800 mm. It is a freestanding type of heating system and can be easily mounted on your rooftop. The heater consists of loop circulation type. The outer tank diameter is of 450 mm and it is resistant to hail storms of up to 24mm. This solar water heater costs you around 150 to 350 USD. You can order it online.

7. Wall solar heating system

Balcony water heater

This is a separate type of water heating system and it will not consume much space for installation. It can be easily installed in your free outside space. It has a pressurized system for the supply of water. The tank of this system can hold up to 150 liters of water and will costs you around 30 to 1500 USD. The system has flat sun light collecting plates, thus more thermal power could be generated in order to heat the water. This system follows a passive means of heating system, therefore hot water is available for you all day even when the sun goes down.

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