Audi A9 Hybrid concept can repair itself if damaged

audi a9 concept 1

Eco Factor: Low-emission concept vehicle powered by a hybrid engine.

The brainchild of Spanish car designer Daniel Garcia, the Audi A9 concept is a low-emission hybrid vehicle for the future. The windscreen and the roof of the vehicle are formed of a futuristic nanotech material that repairs itself automatically if damaged.

audi a9 concept 2

The A9 would be positioned higher than Audi’s current flagship model, the A8, and is aimed to compete with other high-end luxury saloons on the market. Other futuristic additions include bodywork with a unique “electronic paint” that enables the vehicle to change color at the touch of a button.

audi a9 concept 3

The designer is proposing a low-emission hybrid setup to power the vehicle. This advanced setup will include an internal combustion engine working along with four in-wheel electric motors.

audi a9 concept 4

audi a9 concept 5

audi a9 concept 6

Via: Diseno-Art

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