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Apps that go along with your green lifestyle

by Ecofriend1874

All of us tend to do things properly if we have the motivation, and know to keep things in check. The same goes for our green habits as well. Although, not intentionally but we all sometimes become careless and do not follow the green specifications. We can take help of some effective apps that keep a close eye on our behavior that directly effects environment, and notify us every time we become careless. These apps encourage us to make the right decisions. Just load your Smartphone with the following superb green apps and take another step on the path of being environmentally friendly.



Oroeco is a wonder app that helps you lower your carbon footprint. The app keeps track of all the decisions you make regarding things you buy and consume. Then it takes help of UC Berkeley and prepares data that shows the impact of your decisions on the environment. By taking the data generated into consideration, you can change your decisions, and make choices that are more responsible.

iRecycle app


iRecycle app helps you to find out the nearest and the most convenient recycling opportunities. Not just this, iRecycle tells you everything about recycling, as in how it is done, where it is done, and how is it beneficial for all of us.

Images of Change

Images of Change

This app is based on the concept that what we see has a greater influence on us. Your Smartphone loaded with this app receives pictures from the Global Climate Change website of NASA. The pictures are the previous and present shots of global changes, the transformations like melting glaciers, wildfires, and flooding rivers that take place because of the reckless activities we human beings do. The aim of this app is to show people the change that is already taking place, and to motivate them to opt for greener options.

Green Dictionary

Green Dictionary

In case, you are not acquainted with the green world then this app is definitely for you. The app contains hundreds of green terms that can come handy anytime. You just need to spare some time and read the green terms; you can also participate in the green quizzes. The app also allows you to browse numerous green sites in order to expand your green knowledge. It also enables you to find out several eco-friendly products, companies, services, and organizations.


The green apps act as a guide to keep a person on the right path, the green path. They make it easy for an individual to do his or her own bit in order to sustain the environment.

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