Animal-friendly Rug by Jon Male

animal friendly rug

No matter, if you would be called ‘environmentally irresponsible’, it can’t be denied that the animal skin rug is an iconic object of old school interior design! You must be thinking on, how to possess such a luxury item as well as become environmentally responsible. Find a solution between the two with Jon Male. He has created the shape of a hide from a traditional Persian carpet thus mixing two strong aesthetics together and coming up with something completely original and absolutely beautiful. It was when he found an old Persian rug in his parents attic, he first had the idea and wanted to give it a new lease of life. He has injected humour into his new creation by using the interior design cliche that is the animal skin rug and as he says so succinctly. ‘Every designer flat has one of those cowhide rugs now. And the animal thing’s a bit wrong.’ The ‘English Hide’ has been met with such success that he has now teamed up with Rimo Designs in Manchester,UK, to manufacture them. Rimo Designs, who specialise in bespoke traditional hand woven carpets, have good social and environmental policies.

Via: Treehugger, Jon Male, Rimo Designs

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