Easy-to-Use Bio-diesel Processor System

bio diesel processosystem

Innovate with your Bio-diesel Processor System and make it user friendly. The Green Trust have bundled three great kits and added a scale to provide you with one click ordering of everything you need to get started. It is at the heart of the Bio-diesel Processor System. There is an Appleseed style processor kit one can assemble onto his electric water heater. The processor tank is made of steel. And thus, it will not stretch and leak when loaded with hot oil like those plastic tank processors. This is a proven system used by thousands across the country to make ASTM spec bio-diesel. To add to it, the system also includes a Bio-diesel Wash Tank Kit for washing your bio-diesel. Assemble it onto your 55 gallon poly or steel drum and have everything you need to be mist washing your fuel right away. Those plastic tank processors want you to wash in your bio-diesel in the reactor vessel, preventing you from making more bio-diesel while you’re washing. It has everything you need but the water heater and 55 gallon drums.

Via: Green Trust

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