Airier India’s energy-efficient Turbine Ventilation System

airier indias

If you are looking for an energy-efficient non-conventional ventilation system, then take a look at the Turbine Ventilation System developed by Airier India. This unique ventilation system is based on the “free-floating” concept developed by Airier India. The ventilation system is in-built with a heat and friction-resistant Teflon cap, which provides a “near friction-free” motion. The air movement lifts and separates the turbine from contact with the central shaft, thus increasing the exhaust capacity. The presence of the duo fan also helps to improve its functioning.

Unlike the conventional systems, the Turbine Ventilation System does not require electricity, generator, U.P.S. or any other battery back up. It can effectively harnesses the wind-power. Not just eco-friendly, it is leak-proof and noiseless too. This ventilation system is a real boon for industries, ware houses, auditoriums, hospitals and even for personal use. So, if you want a ventilation system, which apart from improving the productivity and health of the workers is good for the environments too, then the Turbine Ventilation System is just the right one.

Via: ipfonline

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