Reduce environmental pollution with solar-heated Road Energy Systems

reduce environmental pollution with solar heated r

Ooms Nederland Holding in association with WTH and TipSpit has developed these popular eco-friendly solar-heated roads. This Road Energy Systems® extracts energy from asphalt concrete. If you are wondering how this can be of help, well, this energy-efficient system exploits the heat-absorbing capacity of asphalt concrete, which is further improved by its black color. The thermal energy produced is used to cool buildings, houses and roads in summer and heat them in winter.

Great news isn’t it? Do you know that Ooms Avenhorn Groep is the first such company in the world to extract energy from asphalt concrete for use in heating an office building? In fact the first stage of the installation of Road Energy Systems® in Scharwoude started way back in October 2000.

Apart from the obvious benefits of the system’s system’s summer cooling and winter heating, there are enormous environmental benefits like compared to conventional systems there is 50 percent reduced carbon emissions and substantially reduces the use of chloride (since these heated roads help to melt away the ice, without heavy salting).

I hope the use of this Road Energy Systems® becomes more popular, because apart from cutting down on accidents from icy roads, this system significantly helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Via: Smart Planet

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