AIRE concept mask produces electricity from wearer’s breath

The search for renewable energy sources is growing more fervent, with many discoveries offering hope for future generations. Many innovative inventions have entered the market and each present the possibility that the world will cease to depend on non-renewable energy. Like other imaginative devices, the AIRE is showing a lot of potential. It is a mask that converts wind energy into electricity. The wearer straps on the mask and breathes normally; the electricity generated is enough to recharge small electronic devices.

IRE Converts wearer's breath into electricity

Gadgets are the modern man’s friend. Usually, a person has more than one electronic device that performs specific functions or has numerous uses in his daily life. However useful these devices, it is an undeniable fact that they consume a lot of electricity. The person has to make sure the energy bar is full for the device to work properly or for him to carry the item with him. As these electronic gadgets are mostly powered by non-renewable energy, they collectively become a drain on our resources.

Everyday human activities are capable of being utilized towards the production of energy, for example riding bicycles can power MP3 players. This kind of alternative energy will help reduce pollution, save resources and lessen man’s impact on the environment. AIRE is an optimal solution for our energy worries. The concept electronic mask is able to convert the wearer’s breath, which is actually wind energy, into electrical energy. The mask has been fitted with small wind turbines that are active in conversion. A cable connected to the mask transfers the energy to the device attached on the other end.

AIRE is fully functional both indoors or outdoors, when you are asleep or awake, walking or running etc. The device also encourages physical activity as it may speed up the charging process. This self-producing energy is available any day and at any time.

Via: Red Dot

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