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Accelerator concept electric car designed by Vasilatos Ianis

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It is nice to see large number of designers who are creating concept projects, buildings, automobiles and various other products turn towards green energy for their power. Many of them are incorporating as many planet-friendly features as possible and while some of them maybe unrealistic in the current scenario, the sheer fact that young designers are turning towards ‘green’ is an encouraging sign. Many of them could one day be in positions where they design products and make decisions that will change our future and it is heartening to know that the path they chose will most likely be eco-conscious.

Accelerator concept

Designer Vasilatos Ianis, who brings us the ‘Accelerator’, could be one of those too. The Accelerator is an all-electric vehicle with a transparent roof that can be removed when needed. The wheels seem to be versatile in their range of motion and an on-board computer will handle all the data along with the various driving modes offered by this futuristic EV. The individual electric engines on each wheel power them on while the battery pack sits in the rear.

The idea is to create a cool commuting vehicle that will eliminate emissions and will also offer that fun drive on the weekend. Perfect for the urban user, the most interesting part of the Accelerator is the way it charges up its batteries. Vasilatos Ianis wants to us a ‘Particle accelerator power generator’ for the car. That does seem a bit far-fetched and while in theory it is definitely possible, it might take a long, long time before we see such technology actually hit streets, if ever!

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