9 Best Eco-Friendly Places to Explore in 2022

Best Eco-Friendly Places to Explore in 2022

We cannot deny the importance of ecotourism in an economy as most states are earning high revenue through it. Traveling is a wonderful therapy for people who go through depression or want to avoid stress in their lives. Experts believe that ecotourism can bring a positive change in the environment so they encourage people to visit natural places and explore wildlife.

Tourists usually love to explore the most famous places when they go on a world tour. In this blog, you will come to know about places that should be marked for ecotour. Let’s dive into details:

1. Abruzzo, Italy

You might have heard about the Montepulciano wine as it is famous worldwide and yes, Abruzzo is famous for it. However, we cannot deny the fact that it is one of the eco-friendly cities where natural areas seem amazing. The natural springs and beautiful lakes of this Italian region are not easy to resist.

So, whenever you decide to go on a world tour, do not forget to mark this amazing city. The amazing hiking trails and skiing are worth enjoying.

Some restaurants serve mouth-watering food while the preserved medieval towns let you enjoy a wonderful vibe. The Trabocchi coast of this city is a must-visit place as you can capture the best scenes there.

2. Hong Kong

Everyone knows that Hong Kong is an inalienable part of China and its hype about tourism is real. However, you may require health document pre-verification for a flight to Hong Kong. Star Ferry, Hong Kong skyline, Wong Tai Sin temple, and many other famous places make it one of the best cities to visit.

Repulse Bay and the beaches of Hong Kong give a mesmerizing view that you will love to stay there for months. If we talk about Hong Kong Disneyland, kids and even elders make sure to enjoy the vibe of Disneyland at least once in their life.

3. Kashmir, India

Kashmir is famous for its amazing northern side and the natural beauty of Kashmir is so breathtaking that people love to visit it whenever they fly to India. A river flows right in the middle of trees while gigantic mountains in the surrounding give a treat to the eyes.

The peaceful view of fresh green grass and fairy meadows is not so peaceful that people love to sit there for hours and they just get themselves indulged in the natural scenery. However, during your visit to Pakistan, you can even visit Mahudand Valley and River Kunhar for better exposure to the northern side.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Whenever someone talks about the best destinations in the world, Istanbul is always on the list. Turkey’s revenue is increasing as more people visit its wonderful destinations. Istanbul has a Bosphorus bridge which is famous for its classy view as you can enjoy the waves of a waterway.

The sunset looks entirely different from the bridge and if you are keen on historical places then Sofia Masjid, Topkapi Palace, and other similar places are good to mark. Apart from it, the weather in Turkey is also pleasant enough that you may like to extend your stay there.

5. Switzerland

Have you ever been to Switzerland’s natural places that can take your breath away? It is ranked among the top 10 eco-friendly countries and the government pays special attention to protecting its natural beauty. You can even go through an eco-transportation guide while you plan to explore Moiry Icefall, Rhine falls, and the Matterhorn. Touring these places will surely give you a memorable experience but make sure to not do anything that can affect the environment adversely.

6. Crete, Greece

The beauty of Greece is not easy to resist and when we talk about Crete, it is one of the most populous islands in Greece. The buzzing cities of this island have a unique attraction that will make you fall in love with the city. Residents of Crete can understand the English language spoken by tourists but their main language is Greek.

The ancient buildings and unique architecture are the true essences of this city. You may like to extend your stay on that island due to the magnificent view and mouthwatering taste of food.

7. Doha, Qatar

The most populous city of Qatar is Doha and it has so much to explore. The Pearl is an artificial island in Doha and it is the main attraction for tourists. Sealine beach resort is also an amazing place to visit whereas the serene views of Spine Park are also worth visiting.

You will love the dressing of people who are residents of Doha and it will prove great if you attend different events in Katara cultural village. In short, your trip to Doha can prove a great idea and you won’t have to go out of the budget.

8. New Zealand

There is no doubt that Aukland is the most visited place in New Zealand because Rotoroa Island is quite famous there. You can have a short ferry trip from downtown Aukland and it can surely prove one of the best trips you can ever have.

The pleasant walking trails are quite amazing and you will love to walk there. It is also true that New Zealand is a peaceful country and you won’t have to deal with crimes there. However, the visa process may prove a little complicated.

9. New York City

Are you fond of lights? New York City has so much to explore as to whether you like to go to clubs, parties, cinemas, it has all. The busy roads of this city make a person forget about worries and you can simply indulge in the beauty of this city.

Times Square is a must-visit place and the view from Brooklyn Bridge is also breathtaking. Artists usually love to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art because the artwork is so irresistible here that you may forget to blink your eyes. In short, one should definitely pay a visit to these places because a world tour is incomplete without it.

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