7 Eco-friendly Practices for Responsible Landlords

Eco-friendly Practices for Responsible Landlords

Being a buy-to-let landlord is a major responsibility to take on. Having lots of tenants or renting out your place to students could have a considerable effect on the planet and leave a big carbon footprint.

These are some helpful pointers for eco-friendly practices for responsible landlords.

1. Inform tenants about sustainable household habits

If you have young tenants or students, it may be the first time they have lived independently, so don’t expect them to know everything about how to run a home sustainably.

Educate your tenants about sustainable practices they can do at home. Put up signs and notices around your property telling them about things such as different materials to recycle, the days the recycling gets collected, efficient energy usage, and simple things like turning lights off when leaving a room.

Have you got a number of different tenants living in your property? If so, your  responsibility is ever higher. Cover your back by taking out a competitively priced landlord insurance policy that covers you for all bases.

2. Install eco-home technology and appliances


Want to furnish your rental property for tonight? First, check the energy rating of appliances and technology you put in your rental property.

Move away from gas or oil-based central heating and go for a more energy-efficient greener by installing a green heat pump at your property. This device should help to limit your property’s carbon footprint, as well as save you money.

3. Low-flow shower heads

To reduce water wastage at your rental property, have low-flow shower heads installed in the bathrooms. It will still feel like a normal shower with adequate pressure, but using half as much water.

4. Smart meters

Smart Meter

Smart meters give more accurate estimates of energy demand and help to maximise the amount of renewable power your rental property uses. Installing a smart meter will ensure your property relies less on fossil fuels.

5. Provide recycling containers

Encourage tenants to recycle by leaving a range of recycling containers out for them. Remember to provide tenants with recycling containers for different materials, such as tins and cans, paper, plastic, and cardboard. You may be lucky enough that recycling boxes are something that the local authority takes care of for you.

6. Compost bins

woman using Compost Bin

Composting is great for the planet and it helps the soil stay moist, prevents soil erosion, and gets rid of pests. So, try providing your tenants with compost bins, inside and outside.

7. LED lighting

LED light bulbs use at least 75% less energy than traditional lighting technology, and they do not contain toxic chemicals. Onlyinstall LED lighting at your property.

If you follow these home eco-friendly home renovation practices, you should do a good job of bringing down the carbon footprint of your rental property and manage to fulfil your duty as a responsible-minded landlord.

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