7 Accessories designed to improve your bike ride

Surly Ted Bike Trailer

The bikes are one of the most used vehicles in the world these days and these bikes are preferred for their comfortable and fast transportation capabilities. These bikes are a rage among youth and students. These bikes are not only stylish in look but are also good transportation option. The bikes are one of the coolest vehicles ever launched and are known for their easy and comfortable ride.

Some of these bikes are so stylish and beautiful that there is no match to their beauty. The bike accessories are things that add to the beauty of the bike and also offer help at times. These accessories not only look cool but also offer a comfortable and a pleasure ride. There are plenty of bike accessories available in market these days but only few of them have created an impact on people. So here we are with a list of seven accessories designed to improve your bike ride.

1. Donkey boxx pannier

These are the days of Pannier and everyone out there is trying to get a cool Pannier for their bike. The Pannier is a complete ecofriendly as it is made completely out of recycled products. This can easily be attached to your bike and you can take it along with you very comfortably. It adds to the beauty of the bike and is useful at most of the times. Moreover, these Panniers are available at very affordable price as they are made completely out of recycled products. Its price starts from just $28.

2. Betabrand bike to work pants

This is a cool accessory for all those who have been waiting for something to overcome their problem of saving their formal pants from getting worse by the parts of bikes. A great pant means a lot to the people who go to office on these cool bikes as they have to take care of their official dress. These trendy pants are specially made to overcome this issue. It is made with a reflector tape inside that does most of the work while your ride your bike. These cool great pants are available at just $90.

3. Women’s bike skirt from sweet sport skirts

Women find it difficult to ride the bikes in their formal dresses as they are long and increases the chances of being rolled into the tyres. Thus this accessory is made for all those women who have been looking for a good alternative to this issue. These bike skirts are the best alternative option to those long dresses. They come with a sports feel and also look cool. These skirts are similar to those which women use at home but are made sweat proof which is what makes them so special.

4. USB Charging unit from dahon

The USB Charging unit is an awesome concept accessory which is a rage these days. This cool USB charging unit is attached to the base of the bike and derives it power from the pedals. When the pedals are in operation, this USB unit produces electricity which can be used for various purposes. This energy produced can be used to light up the headlamp or charge any of your Smartphone or iPod using a USB which is provided in this unit. At a price of $120, this ultra-cool device is worth of a deal.

5. Abus 6100 Bordo bike lock

The bike locks are one of the widely used accessories across the globe. The locking system is must for every bike as it provides security and a safer travel to various places. This lock is an awesome lock and is equipped with latest technology system. It can easily be attached to the back of your seat and it has a steel rod to form a closed loop across your bike’s back tyre. This lock is strong and offers very high durability. For sure, this security gadget is hard to miss when you are dealing with bike accessories and is worth of a strong recommendation.

6. Surly ted bike trailer

The bike trailers are one of the cool accessories used and is considered to be one of the unique concept accessory. These trailers are not like the traditional, long and huge trailers which were even hard to move. These new generation trailers are really cool and also are very useful when it comes to the working option. These are really slim and thin, making it easy to carry around. One such trailer is the Surly trailer which redefines the class of trailers. This is way more than a trailer and is really famous for what it delivers. It is available at an affordable price of $500.

7. The Hövding bike helmet

This cool helmet is not like the other traditional helmet people wear over their head for protection. This is a new unique designed helmet which is to be kept around your neck while you are riding your bike. This is actually a collar protection helmet which offers high safety against accidents. This unique helmet is priced at $500 and is worth of a deal.

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