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Futuristic ideas for renewable energy generation

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Turn trash into power

The renewable energy generation has come out to be the most effective and the most useful one. This clean energy source has become a major process for the generation of energy in various forms. The renewable energy is so famous and popular for the only one reason and that is its eco friendly nature. This energy can be used to generate large quantity of other forms of energy which can be used for various effective purposes. With the development of technology, this energy has also developed to a whole new level. The futuristic ideas out for this clean energy are simply awesome and are being applied on a large scale. There are various such futuristic ideas regarding the use of renewable source of energy but only few of them are worth of going for.

So here we are with a list of five futuristic ideas for renewable energy generation which will generate energy on a grand scale. Have a look.

1. Sequester carbon in limestone

This is a cool and really unique idea to save our Earth by reducing the global warming effect. It was found by a geologist Peter Kelemen who when on a tour with his friends found that the underground CO2 can be effectively reduced and can be stored inside a rock like structure. This idea is quite simple and according to it the rock formations obtained after deep drilling into the Earth can be heated up and then be supplied with CO2 enriched water. This would result in the formation of a carbonate out of rock which would ultimately absorb the greenhouse gases in the solid form. This idea is highly appreciated and is still under observations by the scientists.

2. Use fusion to zap nuclear waste

The fusion process is one of the widely used process in terms of producing energy using the nuclear products. But now here is something that can also be used as a source of producing this green energy. The nuclear waste out of the nuclear plants can be effectively used to generate considerable amount of energy. This is a process of recycling and would ultimately result in a safe and green environment. This futuristic idea is worth of trying this multiproject.

3. Build homes that don’t need furnaces

Usually our houses these days are made by using high amount of furnace process. The furnace process is made into use to provide higher durability but it also leads to environmental problems and pollution. This cool idea was suggested by Nathan Fariss and according to him the houses can also be built without making use of furnace. The furnace process can be avoided and would lead to a similar durable house without even affecting the environment. This project will also bring down the total cost incurred and would almost cost you around 5% of the overall conventional house cost.

4. Keep working on fusion energy

The fusion energy is considered to be highly powerful in terms of producing energy and these days technology is being developed to make the best use of it. The new project in talk is the ITER, which is expected to be the world’s biggest tokamak plant which is capable of generating enormous amount of energy and is estimated to be completed by the year 2018 in southern France. This power plant concept is still under observations and next year California’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is predicted to be starting their firing of tiny hydrogen target to produce magnet free fusion process. This project, if come into existence, will be highly effective and will completely change the way green energy is being produced.

5. Turn trash into power

This project is ultra futuristic and is highly in talk about its really energy sufficient process. The trash we find everywhere around us can now be effectively used according to this project and can be used on a wide scale to produce enormous amount of energy. The GEM which is short for Green Energy Machine is now being considered to be the next big thing in the industry of clean and energy efficient processes. The concept behind this is simply superb and aims at producing energy by reducing considerable amount of greenhouse gases into environment which would ultimately make the environment healthy and fit to stay. The cargo found around in the areas of Waltham is estimated to heat and power 200,000 square feet of space resulting in generation of enormous energy. This will be done on a set of diet of 3 tons of garbage. This is estimated to save up to 540 tons of emission of the deadly greenhouse gases into the environment per year.

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