5 Eco friendly trucks designed to sell green cuisine on the move

Eco friendly trucks

In a world suffering from global warming issues and the impact of emission on the environment, where customers look for organic certification of foodstuffs before buying, everything has to have as minimal a carbon footprint as possible, and each food item has to be organic.

For environment conscious people on the move, it had always been a challenge trying to find a breakfast, lunch, or a dessert that suited their green ethics. But not anymore, because mobile food trucks that cater to these consumers on the move are going green, running on green fuel and serving food that have little carbon footprint being locally sourced and are completely organic. Here are 5 eco friendly trucks designed to sell green cuisine on the move.

1. Green Truck

Green Truck

Founded by Kam Micelli and Mitchell Collier, Green Truck is an innovative green diner on wheels. Serving at specific locations in and around Los Angeles at specific times, Green Truck offers hungry diners food cooked on solar powered commissary that are served on degradable and compostable disposables. With a motto of ‘healing the planet one meal at a time’, Green Truck runs on vegetable oil fuel too. Stocked with organic foods, Green Truck menu consists of certified organic vegetable salads, mercury-free line caught tuna tacos, free range chicken and tofu lavash wraps. With made-to-order organic food qualitatively notches ahead of fast foods like hot dogs or taco stands, and location updates on Twitter, Green Truck is set to go places.

2. Gmonkey


This diner is green, mobile, and completely vegetarian. Gmonkey serves hungry environment-conscious mouths in and around Hartford. With an aim to expose the street to the goodness of farm fresh food, Gmonkey sources all their vegetable and other ingredients from local farms and local producers. Not only is their food vegetarian and green, but even their truck runs on biodiesel. The organic vegetarian dishes are served on biodegradable and compostable containers. Brought into existence by Mark and Ami Shadle, Gmonkey uses Twitter and Facebook to announce its route and menu. With quality ingredients and a green footprint, the Gmonkey serves up farm fresh, organic, and mouth watering vegetarian food that are a delight with consumers.

3. On the Fly

On The Fly Food Truck

If you live in and around Washington D.C. and have a hankering for great tasting, convenient, affordable, natural and healthy food, then On the Fly is the solution. Founded by three friends, Michael Heitstuman, Christopher Lynch and Gabe Kleir, who missed natural, delicious and healthy foods in the D.C. area, On the Fly serves at tourist locations in and around Washington D.C. like the National Zoo, National Arboretum and the National Mall. Heitstuman, one of the founder states with high costs associated with setting up a brick and mortar restaurant, food trucks offer an easy and attractive entry into the diner industry. And in this market food trucks that go green, offer organic fresh food and serve at convenient locations will come on top. It has the honor of serving the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio and with mouth watering menu ‘On the Fly’ is set to fly high.

4. Clover Food Lab

Clover Food Lab

Ayn Muir, an MIT alumnus left his corporate job and started an ecofriendly vegetarian food truck enterprise at the MIT campus. Named the Clover Food Lab, the founder sees the ecofriendly food truck as his contribution to the environment to bring about a change. With completely vegetarian food items sourced locally, the Clover Food Lab creates very little carbon emission. On top of this the ecofriendly vehicle runs on biodiesel. With an exterior that reflects Muir’s MIT past, the truck is a destination for anyone looking for healthy, affordable, and tasty food. Located on Carleton Street and with a former Waldorf-Astoria chef at the helm, the Clover serves up unique tastes and flavors that are a hit with the breakfast as well as lunch crowds.

5. Mini Yums

Mini Yums

For those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, here is Mini Yums. Officially launched recently, Mini Yums serve miniature cup cakes, peanut butter cookies and miniature cakes that are also a rage at chain restaurant boardrooms and industry trade events. These food trucks announced their roll out on Facebook and Twitter and is making runs around the city. Inviting all to come and try their ‘crack’ which they say everybody will love, these blue, and pink colored food trucks serve mini cup cakes and mini desserts.

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