5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Greener

Your bedroom serves as your oasis, a retreat from the world. It should be the place you go to relax and recharge, but consider this: how can you recharge if your bedroom isn’t designed with health in mind? Making your bedroom greener does more than help the environment. It can improve your sleeping habits naturally, reduce toxin inhalation, and transform your space into the healthy, relaxing mecca it should be. If you’re looking to redesign your bedroom with eco-friendly features in mind, consider incorporating the following and transform your resting space into a sleeper’s paradise.

  1. Lighting Concerns

If you have harsh overhead lighting in your bedroom, you could be messing up your circadian rhythm. It’s rare that you need bright light in a bedroom. In order to maintain your bedroom’s function as a relaxing space, consider installing a dimmer lighting system. Dimming the lights an hour before it’s time to fall asleep can help your body relax, helping it slow down and providing a better transition from waking to restful hours. This can help encourage better sleeping habits and cut down on your energy use in one easy step. You can also check out the GoodNight Biological LED Lamp. This awesome bulb was created for NASA astronauts to help regulate your body’s natural circadian rhythm, making sure your body is ready to sleep when you are.

  1. The Benefits of a Cool Room

It’s important to sleep in a cooler bedroom; studies show that a room kept between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal for deep rest. Anything above or below this can prove to be disruptive to your sleeping patterns. In the summer months, keeping your bedroom chilly can be a tough task, and some homeowners crank the thermostat down in order to fight the rising temperatures. Don’t spend a fortune on cooling costs and quit wasting important energy resources; consider energy efficient heating and cooling systems for your home.This one-time investment can ensure your room is comfortable and eco-friendly, and can save you plenty in your electricity bill down the road. Home improvement financing is available from companies like Renovate America. Their HERO Program makes it easy for homeowners to get important home improvements and upgrades installed without having to pay upfront; the bill is attached to your property taxes, so you can pay it off over time.

  1. Consider Your Flooring

Are you constantly vacuuming your bedroom carpet? Are you sure there’s stains in the rug that will never come out? It could be time to replace your bedroom with eco-friendly flooring. Carpeting can wreak havoc on indoor air quality. They often provide a hiding place for bacteria, pollutants, allergens, and dust. Breathing in this junk night after night is enough to give anyone respiratory problems. Switching out your bedroom carpet for hardwood or laminate flooring can make all the difference in air quality and opting for renewable materials like bamboo can make for a designer look with environmental benefits. Check out CaliBamboo’s collection of bamboo flooring. 

  1. Choose Your Paint Carefully 

Painting your walls is one of the easiest ways to perform a quick makeover on your bedroom, but make sure you’re choosing your paint carefully. Always look for eco-friendly paints. These brands don’t contain VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. VOCs are solvents that are emitted into the air as the paint dries on your wall. These can cause headaches and dizziness in the short term, and are suspected to be carcinogens. While VOC-free paint can be more expensive, it’s more than worth the investment to protect your health. 

  1. A Non-Toxic Mattress 

Consider where you rest your head at night and ask yourself the following: is your bedding green? Going eco-friendly doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. In this day and age, finding a green mattress that also provides great support is no longer a pipe dream. There are a variety of eco-conscious mattresses to choose from. Natural latex provides great contouring shape for your body, and many options are created with plant-based materials to help reduce use of petrochemicals. As you shop for a new bed, keep your eyes on options that utilize natural, renewable materials. When it comes to outfitting your new bed, stick to organic sheets that are easy to care for and made of renewable resources. This can help keep your air cleaner and prevent skin irritation from chemical dyes and additives found in other products.

An eco-friendly bedroom should be a priority when it comes to home renovations and redesign. Your bedroom should be clean, functional, and fresh, serving as the perfect space for rest and relaxation.

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