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5 Easy ways to reduce your energy consumption during summers

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Reduce your energy consumption

Its high time now and we shouldn’t sit hand in hand depending completely on scientists and researchers to save energy for us. We don’t even realize how much energy we all waste because of your lethargic habits. Saving energy for the generations to come is the biggest challenge is front of us and the ultimate way to tackle this problem is by preserving energy. Given below are few techniques that will help inhabitants save energy as well as a major chunk of their hard earned money. Let us discuss these methods in detail.

5 Easy ways to reduce your energy consumption during summers

1. Shorter showers

Shorter showers

In summers, all of us feel an urge to take shower again and again. This cannot be helped because scorching heat makes us feel drained and dirty and taking shower is the only way to regain freshness. But we can still help in reducing water wastage by reducing the showering time. In a survey, it was found that average teenager takes 45 minutes to take bath which is too much. Children should be encouraged to cut down their shower time to save water.

2. Get your water heater checked

Water heater checkup

It has been found that the general temperature requirement in maximum homes is 120 degree Fahrenheit whereas most of the water heaters are fixed at 140 degree Fahrenheit. Fix an appointment with the plumber and get the setting of your water heater checked. Your water heater might also be working on extra temperature. The researchers at U.S. Department of Energy have claimed that reducing water temperature by ten degrees will help is saving three to five percent of energy cost and also the risk of accidental burning.

3. Turn off home computer

Turn off computer

Most of us do not turn off our computers and laptops because we keep using them after and again. We prefer putting them to sleep mode but it has been found out that 75 percent of the energy is used when owner thinks that the computer is turned off. Sleep mode does not equal turn off and energy is wasted even if the system is sleeping. So, we should inculcate the habit of turning off our computers.

4. Air-dry towels

Air dry towels

Using towel for a while does not necessarily make it dirty therefore; washing towels and clothes that are not dirty is mere waste of water. Efforts should be made to save water and daily habits can save lots of water. Sometimes, we don’t even realize the amount of wastage we do in a day. Unnecessarily wasting clothes waste water, electricity consumed by washing machine for washing, drying and ironing. Think before you wash your towel next time. Sunlight kills bacteria from wet towel when you air dry it, so why not flip towels on railing and save energy yours as well as Earths’.

5. Energy efficient refrigerators


Conventional refrigerators consume a whole lot of energy and buying efficient refrigerators was very expensive a while ago. But now energy efficient refrigerators are available in the market at very reasonable prices. People should switch to energy efficient refrigerators as they not only consume less energy but also reduce your electricity bills.

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